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Loan Application

  • Name: Sharon White
  • Age: 20
  • Employment: Singer
  • Loan amount: $2000
  • Purpose of loan: Music video
  • Interview duration: 36:35
  • Rating: 4.5

Manager′s notes

Sharon White is an exceedingly beautiful lady with long legs. She wants to shoot a great music video and become famous. With her smoldering good looks, anything is possible, but she needs more than that. She was already in debt so her loan was automatically rejected for that reason. She actually did not know that when she confidently strutted up to me! Perhaps I can reconsider the rejection. I will definitely take advantage of her desperate situation, though. She will have to convince me of her creditworthiness while I cum on her cute butt.



Today I had to deal with a legitimately confident girl. Like any other chick blessed with good looks and great body, she wanted to become rich and famous. That’s the reason why she needed a lot of money to shoot a music video. More often than not, chicks like that are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to achieve their goals. She was not afraid of getting in debt or going all out… The slut dropped the pen to make the manager notice that she’s going commando! After initial shock, the guy started hungrily munching on that cunt. Confident girls always get what they want!